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Windows Server 2016 and 2019 are provided as OVF files. Send a ticket to the technical unit to receive the file.

User Admin Access#

To run commands or upload files, the software must have access to the Administrator user. So the following password must be set on the admin user:


If you use another password, click on the Edit icon in the Template Section in the software and set the new password.

Set the IP#

To set the IP on this type of template, the following commands are executed.

netsh interface ip set address "[ether name]" static [IP Address] [Subnet Mask] [Gateway]
netsh interface ipv4 set dns "[ether name]" static [DNS 1]
netsh interface ipv4 add dns "[ether name]" [DNS 2] index = 2

Set the password#

The following command is executed to set the password

net user Administrator [New Password]

Extend the disk space#

To increase the usable volume in the operating system after increasing the disk size, the following command is executed in diskpart.exe

select volume = C

The above command is only for extending drive C.