Automatic VM Delivery on vmware for WHMCS

An online support for your hosting without an operator
Create, Suspend, Renew and Terminate Services fully automatic
Power on or Power off Panel for your Customers
IP Address management for your business
Reinstalling or Changing OS on Customers Panel
Console Access for Staffs and Customers
What do we need to use the software?
VmBox needs to be installed on a vmware ESXi hypervisor as a VM and connects to a vCenter Server to manage all ESXi hosts added to it. then you need to download
How does VmBox assign IP Addresses?
You can create IP Pools for each Server and assign them on your plans. when a customer buys a service, VmBox finds a free IP Address and assigns it to the customer's virtual machine. Your customer can access to the vm directly with the IP Address, SSH or Remote Desktop depending on the Template type.
What do our Customers see?
There will be no changes on your ordering processes. new customers will recieve Access Information E-Mail after the first payment or their order get accepted by admin based on the configurations of your hosting website. you can also register already created services to the VmBox so the owner can have Console Access or Power off or Power On their server.
How can i use it?
First you need to register in the Client Area and then you can order your desired package or contact us to help you find the best package you need. we can also help you setup the VmBox and install the modules on your website. For any other questions feel free to contact us.
Which versions of vmware vSphere does VmBox work with?
VmBox has been tested to work properly with vCenter 5 and above. but is important that you make sure that all of your ESXi Hosts are compatible with your vCenter server.
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