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Editing the Source Code

If you want to make more changes in WebApp you can clone the Customer WebApp project from a git repository and build it. the result will be a folder containing all the required files. all you need to do is to upload the folder into your web server.

Before editing the source code, make sure you have installed these on your pc:

  • an editor like Atom or vsCode, etc.
  • Git SCM, for more information, go to
  • nodejs and npm installed. for more information, go to

Cloning the Project#

After installing the git, run this command to download and clone the WebApp project to start editing the source code:

git clone
cd vmbox-cwa

Now, you need to install the dependencies using npm. run this command to install the required files:

npm i

everything is ready to go. run this command to start the WebApp:

npm start

A web page will be opened in your browser. you're going to see an error at this moment because the WebApp has no valid server address to connect to. for getting a WsAddress to connect the WebApp to VmBox go to the next page.