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How To Download Module?

Click WHMCS from the Customers menu. In this section, you can see the list of WHMCS stores. A unique token is created for each store to access the software. Note that this token means full access to VmBox software, so do not share this token with anyone.

Click on Add to create a new WHMCS. Enter a name for the store. The address of the admin panel is optional and is only used to create shortcut links from the software panel to the WHMCS admin panel.

After entering the information, click on Add to add a new store to the software.

Now click on Generate Module to download the module and after checking the settings, click on Generate and Download. Download the module and after extracting it, put it in the module folder of your store. Module settings are saved in the Config.php file and you can change them. Some options may be unused in the future and will be removed soon.

Now you can select the VmBox module by going to the module settings of each product in your WHMCS. The first option shows the list of plans that you have added in the software. Choose one of these options.

If you used multiple hardware profiles when making the plan. You can add configurable options by checking each one. By saving the settings, the module automatically creates these options for the product and you can adjust the price of each one separately. This feature can be used to provide additional resources.