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Continue Installing with Web Panel

After setting the IP address and password of the admin, go to the following address:

https://[IP Address]:8001/

Then click on Goto Panel and log in with the 'admin' username and password entered in the previous step. You should now be taken to the software installation page. In the first step, carefully read the user license agreement and after accepting it, go to the next step.

In this step, enter your license code and check its validity. You can use the 14-day test license code. Send a ticket to the support unit to receive the license code.

After entering the valid license code, it is time to enter the FQDN hostname. Click submit to save it and then click Next.

You must now enter your vCenter username and password. VmBox software will be connected to vCenter and all operations will be performed using this user. You can use a user other than the administrator, but only if the user is logged in has enough access to perform the operation.

A very important thing is the secure connection between the software and vCenter. To establish an SSL connection, you need to download the Certificate from your vCenter software according to the tutorial How to download the CRT file of vCenter software?, Download this file and select it in the last field. If you do not want the software to use secure communication, you can uncheck the secure communication.


Dear users, please always use secure SSL connections to establish connections between your servers. Some similar software uses insecure communication between servers that, if eavesdropped on by unauthorized persons, can steal information and gain access to the vCenter server. The only solution is to use SSL.

In the next step, after checking the connection between VmBox and vCenter software, click Finish.

Finally, the software is fully installed and ready to use after a few minutes.